On Traveling Europe Together. | My Meena Life.

On Traveling Europe Together.

Traveling Europe together with the person you love is an extraordinary experience.  It’s something that many couples dream of doing and even spend years planning and saving for. It wasn’t an objective of ours, specifically, until we found ourselves rather suddenly relocating to Germany for Mr. Meena’s training.  We began traveling Europe together because we […]

Summarizing Life in Germany in 30 Tweets.

Summarizing Life in Germany in 30 Tweets.

You can squeeze a surprising amount of information into 140 characters. I’ve used twitter for several years, but my use of it changed once I made an account for my blog.  It became a quick, easy platform for sharing my life in Germany with other bloggers, expats, and curious travelers.  I looked back over everything […]

Our Reintegration into the USA. | My Meena Life

Our Reintegration into the USA.

We’ve had a wildly successful but mind-numbingly exhausting first week of reintegration.  Coming home has been a lot like riding a bike again after many years; we remember how to do it but there are still many unfamiliar sensations and a strong likelihood of falling down before we get things right again.  Here are some […]

One Year Without All the Small Stuff. | My Meena Life.

One Year Without All the Small Stuff. 

This is the fourth post in the blog series One Year Without.  See all of the posts here. Moving abroad, giving up our cars, going without community – those were all huge life changes.  But what about all the small stuff that we went without?  All the smaller comforts of home that we left behind had a […]

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