More Photos of the Nuremberg Volksfest.

More Photos of the Nuremberg Volksfest.

I’ve already shared about our experience at the Nuremberg Volksfest, but I had so many more photos of it to share.  I mean, it had pretty much everything you could ever want… such as a mouse coaster. And musical rides. Plenty of Disney characters. A colorful place to sit and drink beer. A place to get turned […]

The Mental Strain of a Chronic Illness.

The Mental Strain of a Chronic Illness.

Recently I joined a small group in Schweinfurt called “Deutsche to go” in order to practice speaking German.  I found myself dreading going to my first meeting, not from laziness or busyness but rather the fact that I knew I would be trading more for that German language session than 60 minutes and a cup […]

The Berlin Bears.

The Berlin Bears

Unlike the Schweinfurt pigs, I didn’t need to work hard in order to find the Berlin bears.  I saw four in my first ten minutes in the city after dropping off the car.  In the end I photographed 24 of them, although I saw a few more than that. The Buddy Bear movement started in Berlin […]

Love locks in Berlin.

Love Locks in Germany.

Germans aren’t exactly known for being romantic, but all the love locks throughout the country would suggest that there is plenty of romance going on in the land of beer and sausage.  The tradition of love locks has been around for a century or so but Europe didn’t start seeing them in large numbers until the early […]

Elephant street art in Tarragona.

A Sampling of the Street Art and Graffiti in Tarragona.

We had just one day to wander the streets of Tarragona, Spain, after our great but exhausting day at PortAventura World.  There was abundant graffiti throughout the city, which we’ve come to expect from European cities and here’s the best of what we experienced. C is for capacity, or rather lack of it.  This heart […]

Amsterdam from the water: a canal tour.

Amsterdam from the Water

I generally want to avoid doing anything that’s overly touristy when traveling (remember that time we went to Neuschwanstein Castle?).  I prefer getting off the beaten path and just experiencing the city.  But every once in a while I’ll come across a tourist attraction and think it’s probably worth it, such as going on a […]

I’m back!

So here’s the deal with my website. You might have noticed that it’s been down for almost three days.  Three long days of uncertainty, frustration, and wondering if my lovingly crafted site is lost in no-mans land.  I’m thinking we’ll refer to it as the great blogging disaster of 2016. The site went down because […]