City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg. | My Meena Life

City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.

Vianden is a small city in Luxembourg located only a few minutes’ drive from the German border of Rhineland-Palatinate.   Despite its small size and inhabitance, Vianden is a popular tourist attraction thanks in part to the recently restored Vianden Castle.  Large and beautiful, the towering castle has a checkered history but can now be toured […]

Missing Germany | My Meena Life

Missing Germany: 50 Things I Miss the Most.

During my year in Germany I often pined for things from the USA.  Now the reverse is true; I’ve been home for three months and I’m missing Germany fiercely.  To make matters worse, I have no timeline for when I might get to return – just a long list of reasons why I’d like to.   […]

100 Days Back Home. | My Meena Life

100 Days Back Home.

I never thought I’d be so deeply dissatisfied after returning home.  I thought that transitioning from expat to repat would be difficult but overwhelmingly positive.  I was wrong. Mr. Meena and I were gone from the United States for 13 continuous months.  As we neared the end of our time in Germany I was rather desperate to be […]

2016 Yearly Digest. | My Meena Life

2016 Yearly Digest.

We had a rough start to 2016.  Mr. Meena and I ushered in the New Year from our hotel in Schweinfurt, Germany while trying to understand why all the Germans were watching an obscure British skit. January 1st marked four months since we had arrived in Germany and I was still struggling to adjust to […]

Hiking in Shelby, North Carolina: the First Broad River Trail. | My Meena Life

Hiking in Shelby, NC: the First Broad River Trail.

This was our first hike in a little over a month and also our first hike since we moved back to the USA, so I’m glad we found one that was relatively short, flat, and easy.  We wanted to ease back into hiking as we start to explore the lovely region that’s currently our home […]

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