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Please contact me to discuss sponsored posts, content creation, press trips, photography, product reviews, or advertising.  Please be aware that all sponsored posts on My Meena Life will include a disclaimer and no-follow links according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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  • I am very passionate about travel – so passionate that I continue to travel despite having three chronic illnesses.
  • I have a unique perspective on travel and living abroad from my time as an American expat in Germany.
  • I have traveled extensively in Europe and the United States, and continue to travel as often as possible.
  • I focus on honest travel writing, which gives My Meena Life a consistent, trustworthy writing style.
  • I have a lovely blog following comprised of expats, world travelers, and the chronic illness community (who love to travel, even if it’s just virtually).


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“I love your blog. Your words flow so easily and your storytelling is compelling!”
– theinvisiblewarrior

“I always look forward to reading as well as seeing all of your incredibly beautiful photographs from your travels. Your blog is such a wonderful inspiration for not letting chronic illness stop you from doing what you want and on those inevitable bad days, it’s exactly blogs like this that we need for encouragement.”
– Rhiann

“Wow! So much important information in this post. Great stuff. You really are a roller coaster expert!”

“This is such a comprehensive review – literally everything you’d need to know before visiting.”

“Just love how amazingly inspirational this blog post is and your amazing attitude and courage in travelling despite your chronic illness and its constant and often unrelenting symptoms… I really enjoyed reading your blog post and can’t wait to read more about your many travels.”
– Rhiann


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