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Koopa the Traveling Pet Budgie.

Allow me to introduce Koopa, my four year old pet budgie, emotional service animal, and pint sized travel companion.  He’s named after Koopa Troopa, a turtle-like character from the Super Mario series.  His favorite foods include corn, applesauce, and tortilla chips.  He can talk a little bit, and really enjoys saying “baby bird” and “pew […]

Lupus spelled out with Plaquenil – an anti-malarial drug often used to treat lupus. | Going through the depths of my sickness with lupus.

Diagnosis Number Three: Lupus.

Three chronic illnesses?  Lupus? Are you kidding me? In November of 2015 I began suffering from debilitating pain while living in Germany.  This pain, along with other symptoms, has made it very difficult for me to function normally. Going to the doctor in Germany (several doctors, actually) turned out to be less than helpful, and so I’ve looked […]

100 Days Back Home. | My Meena Life

100 Days Back Home.

I never thought I’d be so deeply dissatisfied after returning home.  I thought that transitioning from expat to repat would be difficult but overwhelmingly positive.  I was wrong. Mr. Meena and I were gone from the United States for 13 continuous months.  As we neared the end of our time in Germany I was rather desperate to be […]

2016 Yearly Digest. | My Meena Life

2016 Yearly Digest.

We had a rough start to 2016.  Mr. Meena and I ushered in the New Year from our hotel in Schweinfurt, Germany while trying to understand why all the Germans were watching an obscure British skit. January 1st marked four months since we had arrived in Germany and I was still struggling to adjust to […]

Most Popular Posts of 2015.

Most Popular Posts of 2015.

I published my first post on July 8th of this year and went on to write 47 more blog posts over the past six months.  So far I’ve had over 2660 post views by 899 readers from 30 different countries!  That’s pretty cool.  I learned how to change my blog theme, deal with my site going down, […]