Meet Me

Ava of My Meena Life.


I’m Ava Meena, US based travel blogger and repat after living in Germany.  A former chemist, I discovered a love of travel when I moved abroad.  I still love to travel despite my chronic illnesses: lupus, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis.  I’m currently located near Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Who is Mr. Meena?

Mr. Meena of My Meena Life.


He’s my husband of 3+ years, travel partner, and resident roller coaster fanatic.  He is always looking for our next adrenaline fueled adventure.

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What is My Meena Life about?

My life and passions including travel, being an expat, visiting theme parks, and living my best life despite chronic pain and illness.

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Tell me a bit more.

A childhood Charlotte native, I returned to my hometown many years later thanks to Mr. Meena’s job.  I met my husband while we were both studying at Clemson University; he has a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and I have a bachelor’s in Chemistry plus a master’s in Environmental Toxicology.  We got married at sunrise.  We both love our pet budgie, Koopa, way too much.

Koopa of My Meena Life.


We both embraced minimalism after living in a hotel for a year.  Our favorite pastimes include traveling to new places, connecting with nature, and arguing about what music we listen to on road trips.  Stereotypically, Mr. Meena loves German Pils while I prefer red wine.  I believe in honest travel writing and I won’t sugarcoat anything, even famous castles.

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