Affiliate Programs:

I only use affiliate links for products or services that I love and use.  If you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product I may be compensated.  This does not increase the amount that you pay for an item or service, should you choose to purchase it through an affiliate link.  I use these links because I spend a lot of time working on my blog and the links are one way I can earn revenue.  These links appear in posts where they are relevant and I feel like they would benefit the reader.



I am part of the Booking.com Affiliate Partner Programme.  This means that if you click on the banner ad in my sidebar or on a Booking.com affiliate link on my website, I could earn a commission if you chose to purchase services from them.  I always include a link to this disclosure page when I use affiliate links in order to be fully transparent.



If you click on any referral links to CurrencyFair on my site then you and I will both receive €30 and a free transfer (if you make a transfer of €400 or more).  This is the only transfer service I have used to send money between my US and German bank accounts and I highly recommend it as a cheap, quick, and secure way to send money.  I always mark these links as affiliates and/or referral links and typically include a link to this disclosure page when I use them in order to be fully transparent.



If you sign up for Airbnb using my referral link you will get $35 off your first trip and I could receive a travel credit up to $110 at no extra cost to you.



I display ads on my website via Google Adsense.  This means that Google and other third-party vendors use cookies to choose which ads you will see based on previous visits to my website.  Google also uses a DoubleClick cookie that collects information about other websites you have visited in order to display ads; you can opt out of this by changing your preferences at your Google Ad Settings.

This page was last updated on August 18, 2017.