10 Reasons Why Sweden Felt Like Home. | Photo by Hans-Olof Utsi, Image Bank Sweden.

Why Sweden Felt Like Home.

I realized that Sweden felt like home only a few hours into my trip.  I was actually rather startled to discover that Sweden was so similar to the USA, although the comparison was likely exaggerated because I had been living in Germany for a year.  Experiencing Sweden – the people, the culture, the food – was […]

A Day at Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden.

A Day at Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden.

Kolmården Wildlife Park is a large zoo in Sweden that opened an incredible wooden roller coaster last year.  Paradoxically, the park boasts 370 acres of property, 600 animals from all over the world, and now three roller coasters.  It’s an unusual combination, but one that we enjoyed greatly.  Over 50 years old, Kolmården is one […]

City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg. | My Meena Life

City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.

Vianden is a small city in Luxembourg located only a few minutes’ drive from the German border of Rhineland-Palatinate.   Despite its small size and inhabitance, Vianden is a popular tourist attraction thanks in part to the recently restored Vianden Castle.  Large and beautiful, the towering castle has a checkered history but can now be toured […]

On Traveling Europe Together. | My Meena Life.

On Traveling Europe Together.

Traveling Europe together with the person you love is an extraordinary experience.  It’s something that many couples dream of doing and even spend years planning and saving for. It wasn’t an objective of ours, specifically, until we found ourselves rather suddenly relocating to Germany for Mr. Meena’s training.  We began traveling Europe together because we […]

Taking a Tour of Auschwitz. | My Meena Life

Taking a Tour of Auschwitz.

I was not prepared to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp. I bought tickets in advance, saved the address, and arrived early.  I asked others about their visit and educated myself about the history.  Still, I didn’t fully understand what I was getting myself into. I was unprepared for the shock of human depravity – for […]

Love Locks in Europe. | My Meena Life

Love Locks in Europe.

Love locks; for some they are physical representation of unbreakable love.  For others, they are considered an eye sore or even vandalism. Regardless of how you feel about them, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to avoid seeing a few no matter where you travel these days.  In fact, the only European country I’ve visited […]