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City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.

Vianden is a small city in Luxembourg located only a few minutes’ drive from the German border of Rhineland-Palatinate.   Despite its small size and inhabitance, Vianden is a popular tourist attraction thanks in part to the recently restored Vianden Castle.  Large and beautiful, the towering castle has a checkered history but can now be toured as a museum.

We visited in late September on our second to last weekend as expats in Germany; it was a farewell tour of sorts.  On Friday we spent most of the day leisurely driving up from southern Germany with a spectacular detour to Eltz Castle.  We checked into our hotel, Auberge De L’Our, late that night and woke up the next morning to a chilly, overcast day.  Our small but comfortable room looked out at the Church of St Nicholas.


The Church of St Nicholas. | City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.


After breakfast we stuffed our bags in our rental car and began touring the city by walking along the Our river.  We met some friendly ducks and one skeptical swan.


Wildlife in Vianden on the Our River.

Friendly ducks. | City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.


The ducks were very entertaining as they kept jumping up and running circles around us.  We had a great time playing with them while enjoying the scenic view, as the Vianden Castle can be seen from most locations in the compact city.


City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.


After feeding the ducks every last bit of our biscuits, we strolled along the streets of Vianden over to the chairlift.  It takes just a few minutes to climb up to a somewhat alarming height of 440 meters.  At the top you can enjoy stunning views of the castle, city, and countryside from Adventure Park.  It’s a must do activity in my opinion as it only costs €4.80 per person round trip.

The chair lift starts out bumping gently along over someone’s backyard, then crosses the river and a road before starting its steep incline upwards.  The chair is only secured with a lap bar, so it may require some courage on your part to hop on.


Taking the chairlift.


After hopping off at the top, you’ll circle through a café and can wait as long as you’d like before taking the lift back down.  With views like these, though, you may want to plan for a long break.


Vianden Castle and countryside in Luxembourg.

Vianden Castle and countryside in Luxembourg.


There’s a trail that connects the overlook to the castle, in which case you could purchase a one way ticket on the lift and then hike over to the castle.  According to Google Maps, the trail is 300 meters long and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  Keep in mind that the road from the castle back down to the city isn’t too long at about one km but is steep.

As tempting as it was to stay, we didn’t linger for long since we were driving to Cologne that afternoon.  Going back down on the chairlift was a bit harder to swallow for me, but fortunately I was distracted by the views of the castle on the right and the city below.


Vianden Castle. | City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.

Vianden Castle.

Vianden, Luxembourg.

The chairlift going down.

Our River in Vianden.


Once our feet were safely on the ground we slowly made our way back to the car, wishing we could stay for longer in one of the cozy cafes along the riverfront.


City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg.


On our way out of the city we planned to stop at the castle for a closer look, but it was quite overrun with tourists and we were unable to find a parking spot.  The tourist season was certainly not over yet – we had difficulty navigating through the people crowding the cobbled city streets.

The small, peaceful city of Vianden was a treasure that we were sad to leave.   We were in awe of the rolling hills dotted with windmills as we drove north in Luxembourg – a country that’s high on my list of places to return to.

Have you been to Vianden, Luxembourg?  Share in the comments!

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City Break in Vianden, Luxembourg. | My Meena Life


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  1. Those are some spectacular views! The castle would be enough to draw me to Vianden but the scenery itself looks gorgeous. I don't think I'd be able to tear myself away. #FlyAwayFriday

  2. Hey! Glad you enjoyed your trip to my little country! That chairlift is, indeed, not for the faint hearted. I think most visitors don't realise how high the hills can be here. Next time come just a few dozen kilometers to the south to the Mullerthal region – it's beautiful here too!
    Greetings from Luxembourg!

  3. I have only being to Luxembourg City, but this looks more charming. I love the idea of doing the chair lift. The view looks lovely. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  4. I think like many people I manage to underestimate the size of Luxembourg. Vianden looks gorgeous and I love a good castle. I have family friends in Luxembourg, maybe its time to visit them and come here along the way! #WeekendWanderlust

  5. We lived in Bonn Germany for 4 years and used to drive to Luxembourg all the time but totally missed this town! Wow it looks awesome, we will have to get back there to see it – thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. What a coincidence that you wrote about this castle. The other day I saw a picture of it on Instagram, it had the name but not the location. I had to google it of course. I found out it is located in Luxembourg, next to a river. In my opinion, it is very beautiful place and the views are great. I am glad I learned more about the area thru your post. #FlyAwayFriday

  7. We will be in Germany this summer and plan to head to Luxembourg. Bookmarking this! What a charming and beautiful town. I can't stay away from European castles!

  8. Germany is high on my list and know I have added Vianden to my list. Looks very charming and it has a castle! #WeekendWanderlust

  9. It looks how I would imagine Austria to look, the mountains and buildings I think give it that fel. It is certainly beautiful #MondayEscapes

  10. Very beautiful! Vianden looks like a great place to visit. I love that castle – it looks like a smaller version of something from the Harry Potter world to me!

  11. The scenery looks absolutely stunning and I definitely think I would have my heart in my mouth on that chair lift! #MondayEscapes

  12. What a fantastic castle – love the way it sits towering above the river and town. I would definitely be a bit nervous about coming down in that chair lift too! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

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  14. Wow the only word that comes to mind is CHARMING! So, so charming! I would love to visit. It doesn't hurt that there's adorable ducks and swans too 🙂 Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week!

  15. I have never been to Luxumbourg, but it looks adorable. I know that I would be drawn to get on that chairlift with my family then probably be freaking out the entire time. How long was the ride? Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles this week, cheers from Copenhagen, Erin

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