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Missing Germany: 50 Things I Miss the Most.

During my year in Germany I often pined for things from the USA.  Now the reverse is true; I’ve been home for three months and I’m missing Germany fiercely.  To make matters worse, I have no timeline for when I might get to return – just a long list of reasons why I’d like to.


Missing Germany: 50 Things I Miss the Most.


1. Schnitzel.
2. Brötchen
3. Schnitzel in Brötchen.
4. Rittersport chocolate.
5. Nürnberger bratwurst.
6. Christmas Markets.


Christmas Markets. | Missing Germany

A ride at the children’s Christmas Market. | Missing Germany


7. Plentiful nature walks.
8. Croissants.
9. Cheap and delicious German beer (this one is more applicable for Mr. Meena).
10. Train travel (sometimes).
11. Real silverware at McDonalds.
12. Not driving.
13. Frequent Volksfests.


Volkfest traveling coaster. | Missing Germany

Volkfest spinning ride. | Missing Germany


14. Beautiful half-timbered houses.
15. My friends.
16. Pig statues.
17. Bear statues.
18. Bailey’s lattes.
19. Apfelschorle.
20. People who return grocery carts.
21. Currywurst.


Currywurst. | Missing Germany

Half-timbered houses in Ochsenfurt. | Missing Germany


22. Dogs being allowed nearly everywhere.
23. Lots of time off work for Mr. Meena.
24. The autobahn.
25. Well educated drivers who (mostly) follow the rules.
26. Spaghettieis.
27. Windmills.
28. Rolling fields of rapeseed.
29. The Main River.
30. Castles.


Wartburg Castle. | Missing Germany


31. Walking everywhere.
32. Those little strips of fabric on towels that make them easy to hang up.
33. Traveling often.
34. Late sunsets.
35. Rollläden (roller blinds).
36. A bus system that makes sense.
37. The quiet.
38. The roller coasters.
39. Vineyards.


Franconian vineyard. | Missing Germany


40. Saying Mahlzeit.
41. Eiskaffee.
42. Ampelmännchen.
43. Fortified cities.
44. Everyone being on time.
45. Everyone saying exactly what they mean.
46. Everyone generally following the rules.
47. Rotwein.
48. Radler.
49. The various meanings of Bitte.
50. Sprawling landscapes and compact cities.


Mahlzeit sign. | Missing Germany

The various meanings of “Bitte”. | Missing Germany

And these are just the things I miss the most!  The full list is so much longer.  I’ve found many of the things I’ve missed in the USA, including German beer, chocolate, and German inspired Christmas Markets, but they just aren’t as good as the real thing.  If you visited Germany, or have lived there, tell me what has you missing Germany in the comments!

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50 things I miss from Germany.

12 thoughts on “Missing Germany: 50 Things I Miss the Most.

    1. Thanks, Tanja. I’ve been able to find some Ritter Sport here, just a few varieties and kind of pricey, but better than nothing!

  1. I know exactly what you mean about those little strips on the towels. They are awesome! It took me a while to figure out how my husband was such a pro at hanging up hand towels in the bathroom without them falling down, lol!

    I know I would miss so many of the same things if I moved back to the US. I would miss Ritter Sport, not driving/functional public transportation, people's direct way of communicating, beer, and so much more. My list of things to miss about Germany would be way longer than my list of things I miss about the US, especially since I've lived in Germany for long enough to have forgotten about some of the American things I used to crave. The first time I went back to the US, I realized that I had forgotten that water fountains existed. I couldn't believe that I could have forgotten something like that, but it happens, and that was only after 14 months (I've now been here more than three years).

    I hope you will be able to come back to Germany sometime soon. If you do definitely let me know! I am open to having visitors 🙂

    Danielle | solongusa.blogspot.com

    1. Of course, Danielle! Would love to meet you and spend some time enjoying all those great German things I’ve missed.

  2. Are these in any particular order? If not, could you narrow it down to your top three favorite? Hopefully number 38 is near the top!! (-;

    1. Jason, no, they weren’t in any order. Of course #38 is quite high! We loved having so many parks nearby. I’d also put the Bailey’s lattes, bratwurst, and half-timbered houses at the top. 🙂

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