Going Grocery Shopping in Germany – 20 ways it’s different compared to grocery shopping in the USA.

Grocery Shopping in Germany (Compared to the USA).

Going grocery shopping in Germany has always been a stressful event for me.  On my first visit to Kaufland, a few days after moving to Germany, I unintentionally made a cashier very angry because I didn’t weigh my bananas before checking out.  Even after living in Germany for 13 months, it seemed like I always managed to do […]

Summarizing Life in Germany in 30 Tweets.

Summarizing Life in Germany in 30 Tweets.

You can squeeze a surprising amount of information into 140 characters. I’ve used twitter for several years, but my use of it changed once I made an account for my blog.  It became a quick, easy platform for sharing my life in Germany with other bloggers, expats, and curious travelers.  I looked back over everything […]

Differences Between Germany and the USA. | My Meena Life

Differences Between Germany and the USA.

Our impending departure (#3daystoUSA) is making me think about all the ways my life is about to change.  In fact, my mental list of the differences between Germany and the USA started growing so long I decided to write them all out.  I’m sharing this thought provoking list partially because I’m exhausted and sick from […]

One Year Without a Vehicle. | My Meena Life. Photo by Peter via Flickr.

One Year Without a Vehicle.

This is the second post in the blog series One Year Without.  See all of the posts here. We gave up our habit of driving daily when we moved to Germany without a vehicle.  For the past year we’ve either walked, used public transport, or used a rental car.  In fact, we only spent 19 days […]

Coming Home to Schweinfurt.

Coming Home to Schweinfurt.

How long does it take for a new place to start feeling like home? Probably not long if you’ve only moved across town, but it took seven months for me after we moved across an ocean. I wasn’t sure that Schweinfurt would ever feel like home during the 13 months we planned to live here, […]

Foreign Words and Currency: Trying to Pay My Bill in Germany. Photo by Christian Benseler.

Trying to Pay My Bill in Germany.

Dealing with money is quite different in Germany, and trying to pay my bill in a restaurant is no exception.  I have to access my money differently, I spend it differently, and I struggle to keep track of the cash flow.  I’ve been able to use our US credit card in more places than expected, but frequently […]