2017 Yearly Digest

2017 Yearly Digest.

At the beginning of 2017 Mr. Meena and I had been back in the USA, after living in Germany, for less than 100 days.  We were living in an apartment of our own choosing for the first time and generally feeling very conflicted about the direction of our lives.  I guess repatriation tends to do that to you. Now, 12 months later, we are settling into our first house, preparing to have a baby (!!), and feeling much more certain about […]

A Lovely Blog Award + More of My Favorite Bloggers. | Background by Mypik.

A Lovely Blog Award + More of My Favorite Bloggers.

I am delighted that Rhiann from My Brain Lesion and Me found my blog worthy of A Lovely Blog Award.  Rhiann is a fellow chronic illness blogger from the UK who lives with a neurological condition.  I’ve found her blog to be very relatable and also lovely.  One of my favorite posts by her is 2017: A Year for Grace, where she talks about showing kindness to yourself as a chronic illness warrior when it’s hard to follow through. A Lovely Blog […]

2016 Yearly Digest. | My Meena Life

2016 Yearly Digest.

We had a rough start to 2016.  Mr. Meena and I ushered in the New Year from our hotel in Schweinfurt, Germany while trying to understand why all the Germans were watching an obscure British skit. January 1st marked four months since we had arrived in Germany and I was still struggling to adjust to life there.  I hadn’t made any friends in our small German town (Mr. Meena had his friendly coworkers, fortunately) and I felt like moving abroad […]

Introducing One Year Without: A Blog Series. |My Meena Life. Photo by 1llustr4t0r.com via Flickr.

Introducing One Year Without: A Blog Series.

This is the first post in the blog series One Year Without.  See all of the posts here. Today marks one year since we arrived in Germany.  It’s an appropriate time to reflect on something that has meant a lot to us over the past year and had an impact on shaping our future together, which is our desire to embrace a life of minimalism. In order to prepare for our move to Germany we put approximately 90% of our belongings into […]

The Liebster Award 2016 and Some of My Favorite Bloggers.

The Liebster Award 2016 and Some of My Favorite Bloggers.

You could call the Liebster award the chain email award for bloggers, because each nominee passes it on to between five and 11 other bloggers.  It’s also a bit enigmatic; I wasn’t able to figure out exactly who started it (it seems that the original blogger deleted their site), only that it likely began in 2011.  But since the goal of the award is to share the love with fellow small bloggers, i.e. bloggers with 200 followers or less, I […]

Most Popular Posts of 2015.

Most Popular Posts of 2015.

I published my first post on July 8th of this year and went on to write 47 more blog posts over the past six months.  So far I’ve had over 2660 post views by 899 readers from 30 different countries!  That’s pretty cool.  I learned how to change my blog theme, deal with my site going down, and how to improve my mobile site.  It’s been a great journey and has helped keep me sane as I transitioned back into housewife life. I’ve enjoyed […]